Contingency Search that works for you

4 Interviews, 1 Hire.

Your time is valuable. We know that. For this reason, our contingency search firm has set the bar. We fill positions with 4 candidates or less. Not many recruiters can truly say that and consistently deliver. That’s why our clients continually come to us and give us repeat business. We build long-lasting relationships and want to do the same with you. For help on a direct-hire basis, we’re the experts.

Zero job ads posted online since 2017.

If an agency is going to earn their fee, they better do what they say they will. You need results. It can be quite disappointing to see an agency post an ad after you’ve entrusted them with your job.

That’s why we have a firm no job posting policy. We have the ability to do this because we use data-driven, recruiting techniques that other firms don’t have access to. We challenge you to see for yourself. Google our company. Did you find any job postings? Now Google our competition. The message is clear.

We take the risk. You reap the rewards.

As a leader in the contingency search firm market, we only take on positions that we truly believe that we can fill. Our recruiter will work with you and commit to your company knowing that his expectation is to successfully fill your open role.

Now that our team understands their expectations and responsibilities, we’ve empowered them with the necessary resources to deliver what you want. We’ve invested and put our money where our mouth is. We’ve taken the risk and you reap the rewards. We only earn our fee once you are satisfied with our work and commit to hiring.

New Recruiting Techniques For A Rapidly Evolving World

Some agencies never evolve. A lot of them continue to use antiquated recruiting techniques that simply don’t solve a client’s goals quickly enough or the candidate match is often compromised. For that reason, we have created proprietary recruiting tools that allow us to connect with that many more candidates on your behalf.

You no longer have to sacrifice the quality of the match with us. We get it right.

We find. You Choose.

You only hire if you love the candidate that we find you. These are the benefits of working with a contingency search recruiter.

Our Process

Defining Your Needs

Quite often as an organization is evolving, its talent requirements must evolve to meet the customer’s needs. Whether you’re confident in the type of professional that you are looking to attract to your organization or whether you need a little guidance and want to see what is out there in the marketplace, our recruiters serve as both listeners and counselors to really help you determine what makes the most sense for your company. Our retained and contingency search firm makes a true effort to really listen and determine what you need so that we can identify the right person for you.

Your Company Requirements

Whether you have a formal job description or whether you need assistance putting one together, our recruiters often craft your requirements in tandem with you to ensure that written job functions are truly in alignment with what your new hire will do on a daily basis. We want to make sure that we get it right and at the same time provide prospective candidates with information about your company and responsibilities that will make them want to work for you. We can help you determine whether a retained or contingency search would make more sense for you.

Market Analysis

Once we’ve established your needs and requirements our expert recruiters will often do additional research on your company to fill in any missing gaps that we may not be familiar with. Although we are proud to say that our recruiters tend to have intimate knowledge of the marketplace, sometimes this newly learned data can help us better determine who may be the best possible match for you. In addition, this new information can also help us assess what would be the most appropriate salary range for your specific role and company.

Prospecting For Candidates

This is where the magic happens! As an executive recruitment firm, we consider ourselves to be hunters. An exceptional recruiter is part detective, part salesman. Not only do we use innovative techniques to identify candidates that are quite often hidden from the marketplace, but once we’ve connected with them we have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to reel them in and highlight your opportunity.

Selection Process

Once candidates have been identified, we will determine who we believe is the best possible match for the role. A good recruiter understands that this is part art part science. We recognize that there is more than what is stated on a resume to determine if a candidate is a good match. An exceptional recruiter sees beyond what’s on a piece of paper. We continually stress to our recruiters, “If you were in the client’s shoe’s would you pay for this candidate?”


Once we’ve determined the best possible matches for your position, we will coordinate the interviews with you and the candidates. Most of our positions usually have about 4 interviews more or less. We are confident that if you let us set up this amount, you will be happy with our work and you will be impressed with the candidates that you have met.

Reference Check

At our client’s request, we will happily perform a reference check as part of the due diligence process. We want you to have confidence in your hire and feel assured that you have made the right selection.

Compensation Negotiation

We recognize that negotiating your next hire’s salary can be uncomfortable. Our job is to make sure that you offer the right amount. What exactly is the right amount? First, we want you to feel comfortable with this figure and at the same time understand that this value may represent your ability to keep your investment and retain your hire over the long haul. Our market research and consistent discussions with hiring managers can often help provide you with pertinent information to help you reach a figure that makes sense for everyone.

Continued Partnership

Once the candidate has begun working with you, we follow up with both you and the candidate to ensure that things are going as planned. We want to make sure that you had a successful hire so that you work with us for your future hiring needs as well.

We Support You. Often at No Cost

Whether your company needs guidance in hiring practices so you can search on your own or whether you’d like assistance from us, we provide the necessary support so that your organization moves forward. We genuinely want to help and we’re grateful that you’ve given us the chance to speak to you to simply learn more about you.