Direct Hire Staffing on Your Terms

The Talent Company, LLC. is a proven direct hire staffing agency that helps businesses operate more efficiently.

We help clients at a fair and affordable price and do so with unparalleled customer service.

If you are looking to hire a professional for a contingency or retained search, see how our recruiters can help you fill critical positions in a limited time.

Zero job ads posted online since 2017.

Yes, we’re the executive search firm that hasn’t posted a single job online since 2017. We encourage you to google “The Talent Company, LLC Jobs” to see for yourself.

We’ve moved from the traditional advertisement model which only presents your open role to the candidates in the open job market to a search-based model, where we source and selectively reach out to a highly qualified pool of candidates whether they’re actively looking or not.

What does this ultimately mean for you? That’s our 4 interviews to 1 hire process, which will translate into candidates that are specifically targeted for your company’s needs.

Our Services


Specialized hires for high-impact leaders. Work with us to identify the quality professionals that your organization needs.


We work in various markets and professions on a direct-hire basis. Our recruiters are experts at filling positions fast.

92% Repeat Business

We know that if you interview 4 of our candidates, you’ll see the quality of our work and will understand why 92% of our clients give us repeat business. Our recruiting process is time-tested, yet innovative. Learn why we are the secret weapon for companies looking to beat their competition.