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The Talent Company, LLC. Is Within The Most Preferred Office Staffing Agencies In The Market

Administrative support is critical to any organization. The staff ensures and supports the smooth day-to-day running of an organization. Partnering with the right office staffing agencies can turn make a rough day into a happy and productive one.

Amongst the most sought after office staffing agencies, The Talent Company, LLC. caters to the needs of 50+ industries for various companies of different sizes. Our team of highly trained and experienced recruiters will identify that perfect person that relishes and thrives on their ability to serve and satisfy the most demanding bosses.

We handpick only the best candidates that not only can meet your technical requirements, but also fit in with values of your company.

Our ability to meet your needs quickly has made us one amongst the best office staffing agencies.

Why Specifically Work with Us?

Here's why our clients prefer to partner with us over other office staffing agencies:

  • We specifically stress that our candidates have the intangibles that other agencies don’t always focus on. We know that quite often the support staff is a very close relationship with the leadership team. We will find that person that that fits in. We want you to feel the ease and natural relationship immediately.

  • Several of our recruiters have 80%+ fill rates; not many office staffing agencies can match this level of success.

  • The Talent Company, LLC.’s proven "Fast Hire"- 4 Interviews to 1 hire process. If you let us set up 4 candidates at our discretion and you don’t love one of the candidates then we will agree to part ways at no cost to you.

  • Fast turnaround time in filling the vast majority of roles including executive support level positions.

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