One of the well known network and it helpdesk staffing services in USA.

Network and IT Helpdesk Staffing Services

We find relevant talent quickly to help your business keep mission critical systems working and downtime at bay.

The Talent Company, LLC. understands that forward thinking businesses are increasingly relying on IT Infrastructure for business success.

We work as a strategic partner to identify and place the highest calibre of IT Infrastructure professionals for a wide range of industries.

Our innovative technology and highly trained recruiters allow us to deliver exceptional candidates within shorter timelines compared to our competitors.

Why specifically work with us?

  • Ready-to-go candidates for your urgent requirements.

  • We have a comprehensive network of direct-hire candidates that are not actively looking for just any job, but for the “right” career move. This in essence significantly increases the likelihood that your next hire will be a great contributor to your organization

  • Several of our recruiters have 80%+ fill rates; not many others within the Network and IT Helpdesk staffing services industry can compete with us.

  • The Talent Company, LLC.’s proven "Fast Hire"- 4 Interviews to 1 hire process. If you let us set up 4 candidates at our discretion and you don’t love one of the candidates then we will agree to part ways at no cost to you.

  • Quick turnaround time in filling the vast majority of roles including executive level positions

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