Retained Recruiting

Is a retained search appropriate for me? If your organization is targeting a professional in a leadership position and you want to do everything on your part to ensure that you get the right hire, then a retained search is often the best option. Paying a portion of the fee up front signals to our recruiters, that you are committed to them and that you are specifically hiring them on an exclusive basis to fill your role. This in turn, puts you at the top of our list and helps ensure that you search receives more attention than clients that don’t elect this service.

In addition, on the flip side it working on a retainer provides an extra selling point to candidates because it allows us to your commitment and stress your investment to potentially “bait them.” It often is nice to hear on the receiving end that you truly value their abilities and are willing to “put your money where your mouth is.”

The Talent Company, LLC. provides the comfort of working on a retained search for clients that want to ensure the success of a critical hire .

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