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Different Approaches

The Talent Company, LLC. customizes it’s services to individual client’s specific needs. This allows our clients to select the option that makes most sense for them. Across our different services areas, we offer Temporary Staffing, Contingency Placements, and Retained Recruiting Services.

Whatever option makes most sense for your business, you can have confidence knowing that working with us will make your team that much stronger. Explore your options.

Temporary Staffing

The use of “temp employees” has increased significantly in recent years. By electing to go this route, our firm provides ready-to-go professionals in various areas to fill the needs of an organization on a short or long term basis.

For a modest markup, we’ll put them on our payroll and take care of all the workers compensation, insurance protection, HR functions, employer taxes and tax processing.

This is a great option for companies that are looking for a flexible work-force during peak or non-peak seasons.

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Contingency Placements

For organizations that want to offset the risk of paying a fee up front and prefer to pay once their new hire is officially on board, quiet often a contingency search is most appropriate. This allows organizations to pay only if we fill the position.

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Retained Recruiting Services

When a position is of critical importance to an organization, quiet often they elect for our Retained Recruiting Services. This type of services requires a portion of the fee to be paid up front. As a result, these clients receive priority over others who have not elected this service. In addition, selecting this options sends a clear signal to prospective candidates about your urgency in filling the role.

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