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Architectural Headhunters

Find The Perfect Match For Each Role With The Best Architectural Headhunters In The Business

If your firm has a keen eye for talent and is looking to collaborate with architectural headhunters for first-class service and recruiting prowess, then our agency is the one-stop provider for all your architectural demands.

The architectural headhunters at The Talent Company, LLC. are experts at identifying professionals with experience in conceptual design, project management, construction and administration, and more. We take pride in filtering the mediocre from the very best to ensure that you find that perfect fit within budget. And when we say ‘perfect fit’, we mean it. Our proven recruiting process is in true alignment with our clients’ goals so that they ultimately decide who to hire next.

Like most of our clients that are continually evolving to keep up with industry trends in design and more, our architectural headhunters actively learn from each other, while at the same time often trail blaze new ideas and recruiting strategies of their own.

Why Pick Us?

The Talent Company’s architectural headhunters are preferred for the following reasons:

  • We have a comprehensive network of candidates that are not actively looking for just any job, but for the “right” career move. This in essence significantly increases the likelihood that your next hire will be a great contributor to your firm.

  • Several of our recruiters have 80%+ fill rates; not many architectural headhunters can match this level of success.

  • The Talent Company, LLC.’s proven "Fast Hire"- 4 Interviews to 1 hire process. If you let us set up 4 candidates at our discretion and you don’t love one of the candidates then we will agree to part ways at no cost to you.

  • Quick turnaround time in filling the vast majority of roles including manager level positions.

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