Recruiters with a national reach

Although the majority of our recruiters focus on specific markets, a handful of us are highly trained to handle accounts that have needs all over the greater U.S. These highly trained professionals are quick to adapt to the nuances of each location. We are confident that you’ll be satisfied with the quality of our candidates.

Interestingly enough, we recognize that the world has made a lot of adjustments to remote work. Yet, our specific recruiters that work with national clients have done so for years. This by no means is new to us.

Whether you need local talent or are looking for someone out of state, you’re in good hands. Your position will be filled with 4 candidates or less.

Areas of focus across the U.S.

Executive Search

Are you looking to fill a leadership role at your organization? TTC. uses innovative techniques to deliver quality.

CPA Recruiting

If your organization is looking for audit, tax, or advisory professionals, our recruiters have worked with members of the Big 4 and regional CPA firms to identify the best.

Management Consulting

The Talent Company, LLC. has a proven track record of filling critical positions for large and mid-sized consulting firms that are looking to attract the best people out there. Our commitment to IT, corporate strategy, operations management, and human capital is grounded in our promise, “We will fill your role with 4 candidates or less.”