About Us

The Talent Company, LLC. is a proven leader within the staffing industry that helps businesses operate more efficiently. We help clients at a fair and affordable price and do so with unparalleled customer service. If you are looking to hire a professional for a contingency or retained search, our recruiters can help you fill critical positions in a limited time.

Our Approach

We’ve moved from the traditional advertisement model which only presents your role to the candidates in the open job market. Instead, we follow a search-based model, where we source and selectively reach out to a highly qualified pool of candidates whether they’re actively looking or not.

What does this ultimately mean for you?

That’s our 4 interviews to 1 hire, which will translate into candidates that are specifically targeted for your company’s needs.

Our Difference

People often ask what’s our secret sauce and why we have such a high fill rate compared to other staffing agencies. Although it would be great to pinpoint one specific attribute to TTC, it really is a combination of various factors. Below are some of the more notable:

We invest heavily in our people, process, and technology to really be able to connect with candidates through various different mediums that other agencies simply can’t do.

The leadership team has created an environment that rewards the free flow of information to internal team members, which produces better matches and ultimately better placements.

Our recruiters are happy because we’ve created a culture of success and true collaboration. Our clients can sense this and feel engaged by working in a new way that produced higher caliber candidates.

We provide free tools and resources to both clients and candidates simply because it’s the right thing to do with no expectation of getting anything in return.

Ultimately, we are confident that if you follow our process, interview 4 of our candidates, you’ll see the difference and in return get the candidate that you want.

Our Services


Specialized hires for high-impact leaders. Work with us to identify the quality professionals that your organization needs.


We work in various markets and professions on a direct-hire basis. Our recruiters are experts at filling positions fast.